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In the town Baalbek, situated in Libanon, there is a temple complex which had been built by the Romans. However, these Roman temples were built on a foundation existing of the biggest and heaviest stones in the world that were ever carved and placed into position. However, the Romans themselves never claimed to also have laid this foundation; It is possible that it already existed for centuries before the Romans had built their temples on top of it.

Actually, the history of settlement in the area of Baalbek dates back about 9,000 years with almost continual building and rebuilding of many generations. One of its temples which is now called the "Temple of Jupiter" already was a temple since the pre-Hellenistic era.
The cyclopean (large megalithic building blocks) building style of the foundation certainly differs from the more refined Greek building style (with smaller stones) of the temples on top of it.

Temple of Jupiter
Temple of Jupiter

Blocks can be found of about 10 meters in length, 5 meters high and 3 to 4 meters deep. They weigh more then 450 tons per block. Above these megaliths there are three blocks which are even heavier, weighing each more then 1000 tons, called Trilithons or Triliths.
In a neighboring stone quarry the biggest stone of them all can be found and weighs approximately 1158.696 tons and is called the "Stone of the Pregnant Woman". A second ancient monolith was discovered in the same quarry in the 1990s, which even surpasses the dimension of the well-known Stone of the Pregnant Woman. Its weight is estimated at 1242 tons.

Today there are few machines who could lift, transport and place such a block. It is unthinkable and probably even impossible that man could do this in the past with only manpower, ropes and primitive tools.

"Stone of the Pregnant Woman"

According to the legend of the local population, Baalbek's first city was built by Cain - one of the sons of Adam - who had been banished to the "land of Nod" (Baalbek) that laid east of Eden. If fell into ruins during the Great Flood and was rebuild by a race of giants under the command of Nimrod, a "great hunter" and "king of Shinar" (Sumer) of the book of Genesis. Nimrod was also the builder of the Tower of Babel.

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