The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man

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The Hall of Records

In ancient Egypt and Babylon, sphinxes where known as guardians of sacred places. There are ancient legends and stories about a mythical library of ancient knowledge buried under the Great Sphinx of Giza.

According to the book "Historie de la Magie" (1876), by the French author P. Christian, the Sphinx served as the entrance to the sacred subterrean chambers in which the trails of the initiate were undergone. It was formerly closed by a bronze gate between the paws of the Sphinx, with a secret spring mechanism which could be operated only by the magi (Zoroastrian priests. Singular: "magus"). According to the writer, this gate would have been obstructed with sand and rubble, but today there is a stone floor at the ground. Could it be that this bronze gate is somewhere hidden below this stone floor? In the belly of the Sphinx would have been cut out galleries that would lead to the subterranean part of the Great Pyramid. These galleries were so artfully crisscrossed along their course to the Pyramid that in setting forth into the passage without a guide through this network, one ceaselessly and inevitably returned to the starting point.

The Russian boy Boris Kipriyanovich was by many regarded as a so-called "indigo child"; A child with special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. He was best known for his remembrance of a past life on the planet Mars (a very long time ago) from where he would have frequently visited planet Earth. In the year 2004, when he was only seven years of age, he was interviewed by He said that people would not find ancient knowledge under the Great Pyramid of Cheops, but instead would be found below another pyramid, which has not been discovered yet. Also:

"The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened. It has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear, I do not remember exactly".

(More about Boris in the next chapter about the planet Mars.)

The Edgar Cayce readings tell us that somewhere deep below within the bedrock between the Great Sphinx and the "river" (the Nile), there was an ancient repository which he called the "Hall of Records". Here would be - amongst others - a historic record from the times of Atlantis, information about the customs and practices, scientific and medical knowledge, and music instruments. The opening to the tunnel that would lead to this hall was said to be found in the right shoulder of the Sphinx. He predicted that these hidden records were expected to be discovered in 1996 to 1998, but this didn't happen apparantly. There had been found several cavities though below the Sphinx that could mean that there is a tunnel indeed, perhaps partly collapsed. The general perception is that these cavities would be natural formations, but this seems highly unlikely because of a 90 degree turn that had been found.

Up to this very day this ancient repository had either not yet been found or its its discovery was never revealed to the general public. It is said that this hall would would only be opened when much of the selfish motives in the world would be broken up. Some believe that supernatural influences would prevent the discovery of this hall until mankind would be able to use this knowlegde in a responsible manner.

The mystic Hugh C. Randall-Stevens wrote in his book "Atlantis to the Latter Days" (1954), about his channeled material from two beings named Adolemy and Oneferu. Adolemy had been incarnate under the name Osiraes in the reigns of Amenhotep III and IV, and Oneferu had been incarnate under the name Men-Aton during the reign of Akhnaton.

In the Masonic Centre of Giza he would have been given details concerning the nature and the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. He allegedly would have reproduced some of their diagrams in his book which are shown here above right (larger image) and below. (Source: "Atlantis to the Latter Days" (3rd edition, 1966).)

HOR Diagram 2

The Hall of Records was also the subject of as much as 41 readings by deep trance medium Paul Solomon. During his reading given at the pyramid of Giza on January 23, 1981, he also described what would be found within the ancient Egyptian Hall of Records and also contains a warning to humanity to switch to alternative energy sources before it could be too late. Quoted from the website

"Many have thought and said that (the Hall of Records) were sealed until the evolution of consciousness ... arrives at that point of attunement deserving of the information contained there. But it would be more accurate to say these records were stored against a time when they were needed. . . .

You are ... on the brink of destroying the balance of the natural energies in and about this planet. And, in deed, affecting the balance of the entire system, the solar system, the universe itself. Then, the destruction of weather patterns, the imbalance of nature, the burning of fuels, has produced a difference in your atmosphere, both in temperature and the filtering of the rays of energy to your planet. All of these become threats to the existence of your race.

Within this Hall of Records, you will find formulas, descriptions of methods, very simple methods in truth, for harnessing, for using the power of nature itself. It is not necessary to take the fossil remains from the earth and burn it to produce energy on this planet.

The planet itself is designed in such a way, that holding its balance, its relationship through magnetic forces, through the forces of gravity and movement in relation to other bodies in the system, (it) produces enormous free energy. And it is simple, when working in harmony with nature, to use the energy nature produces and provides both through the movements of water on the planet and the influx of energy from the sun. Not just the energy of heat, not just solar energy, but rather magnetic and gravitational forces and these may be harnessed in a number of ways.

That (is) most available through the use of crystals. It is no secret that crystals easily can accept the rays of the sun, focus and magnify them to produce a greater source of energy than it receives.

... As you see these devices and formulas of a past time, you’ll see them appearing to you as somewhat primitive and yet, in the application of them, far superior to that you now have.

The formulas concern the use of energy. The harnessing of energy in harmony with the planet in natural ways not needing the use of machinery as you know it, but focusing of the available energy through crystalline forms and harmonics. The use of sound and light primarily, and energies you do not have words for, but relate closely to that you call the ethers, electricity, magnetic energy and gravitational energy. These are there. And the use of the mind as a magnificent instrument of understanding of the Laws of the Universe, these formulas are there as well.

There are fragments of a culture, records of its source and beginnings. Records of the lives of these and even the preservation of such things as their garments, their instruments, even food is still stored there, both edible and palatable. Seeds, seeds of such plants as you do not know in this time and will be useful in that period of recovery and the cleansing of the atmosphere."

(". . ." and "( )" implicate changes to the text to make it easier to read without changing its context.)

And from Paul Solomon's Source Reading 9217 (3/27/88):

"For those who attempt to dig to enter into the Hall of Records of the Great Pyramid will find themselves somewhat disappointed. But those who discover the manner of passing through the stone, will pass into the chamber and find there instruments which would amaze those who consider themselves superior in technology in this time."

It is said by many mainstream Egyptologists that there is no evidence to indicate the "Hall" actually exists, and that there are no chambers under the Sphinx. However, Robert Temple's book: "The Sphinx Mystery" (2009) presented a summary of many printed accounts of earlier observations from past centuries from where it is clearly evident that there are indeed cavities below the Sphinx that even had been examined and documented before.

In 2004, Dr Zahi Hawass - the Director General of the Giza Plateau - announced that the University of Birmingham (UK) was performing an extensive ground-penetrating radar (GPR) study of the area between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to find the tunnels and chambers there. Here Dr Hawass related that the tunnel below the Sphinx had not been fully cleared of debris. (?) Before, in 1996, he was seen on television where he was walking in a tunnel below the Sphinx stating: "No one really knows what's inside this tunnel, but we are going to open it up for the first time". On the 14th of April 1996, he also stated in the Egyptian Press:

"There are secret tunnels under the Sphinx and around the Pyramids which will prove to carry many secrets of the building of the Pyramids."

However, since 1999 he curiously denies the existence of tunnels below the Sphinx. Perhaps, it might be that he was actually talking about the underground "tomb" before that had been found in close approximation to the west of the Sphinx that is now known as "Campbell's Tomb" or the so-called: "Tomb of Osiris". This "tomb" actually could be just a part of a tunnel system that may lead to the other pyramids and the Hall of Records. The reason for the denial of such a tunnel right below the Sphinx may possibly be to prevent illegal excavations that could damage the structure and vandalisation of the area. The website "Giza Geomatrix" actually presents their own scans of visible cavities and tunnels beneath the Sphinx and the pyramids.

Although first denied by the authorities; author Andrew Collins ( apparently re-discovered in the year 2008, behind a wall of the tomb that is known as NC2, a complex of long tunnels below the Giza complex after having read the memoirs from explorer Henry Salt, who recorded in 1817 how he gained acces to the same cave system, but for whatever reason never returned for further investigation. Most of these tunnels lead to a dead end, though one of them seems to continue in a narrow space, but hadn't been excavated yet at this moment of writing, because of the potential dangers of poisionous spiders and snakes. This tunnel could lead all the way to the Sphinx and possibly to the legendary Hall of Records. (See the documentary: "The Secret Caves of Giza".)

Edgar Cayce also said that there was more then one "Hall of Records" which would be hidden in other locations of the earth. One below miles of sea slime in a temple of the sunken island Poseidia, one in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, and one in Tibet. Trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell also mentioned another undiscovered repository of ancient knowlegde below the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. (See the video: "Rev. Douglas Cottrell PhD: Secrets of Angkor Wat", by Rammsteinregeln.)

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