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Enigmas of the Ancient Megalithic Structures

Enigmas of the Ancient Megalithic Structures

In ancient times many large monuments and megalithic structures had been built across the globe. Thought to be build by different cultures, there are certain similarities between them which could prove there ever was a global civilization or organisation in the ancient past. Many ancient cultures did build pyramids or pyramid-like structures; There have been found large pyramids in North and South America, Egypt, China, and some smaller ones in Greece, the Canary Islands and Indonesia.

Pyramids are generally thought of to be tombs for the king, but there is a serious problem with that idea. In Egypt, never has an extant mummy been found in any pyramid, nor have any parts of a mummy been identified with certainty as those of a king. Nobles and pharaohs like the famous Tutankhamun had been buried into the "Valley of the Kings", not inside any pyramid.
As noted by "wisdom keeper" and archaeologist Abd'el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008) from the "Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism: Keepers of the Ancient Egyptian traditions" (, there is a difference between the mastaba, which is a glorified burial place like the pyramid of Djoser, and the pyramids at Giza which served another function, but generally still thought of a burial place because of the inclusion of a granite stone box which is thought to be the kings' sarcofagus.

Mummification had been practiced not only in Egypt, but also in South America, China and the Canary Islands. There are researchers who think that, because of the building of the pyramids and the practices of mummification at the Canary Islands, these ancient people could have been a certain group of refugees from the lost civilization of Atlantis.

There are many mysteries considering the construction of these megalithic structures. Many were build using very large and very heavy stones. How could they have lifted them in ancient times without the aid of machines? Why did they go into the trouble of dealing with such heavy stones as they could used lighter and smaller stones. It makes no real sense unless they could do it with ease and/or for very specific reasons.

Also, in Egypt, Peru (Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo) and Easter Island, there are certain walls which are constisting of very heavy interlocking stone blocks of various sizes, seamlessly pieced together like a puzzle, and without the use of composite building material. Also, if one closely examines the stones of both Caro and Machu Picchu, one can see that on a lot of them there are particular bumps at the bottom of the stones and these bumps on the stones from Caro are looking so strikingly similar to those from Machu Picchu that it seems as if the very same technique was used to prepare the stones. It is still unknown how these bumps could have formed and if this could have served a certain purpose.

Caro, Egypt

Machu Picchu

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

There is also the mystery of the so-called giant stone balls of Costa Rica in the Diqius Delta. These stone balls  were clearly man-made, but their purpose, and who made them, is unknown. Most of these are made of granoduirite, a hard, igneous stone. Their size ranges from as small as a tennis ball to a huge 8 feet in diameter; weighing 16 tons, and its spherical precision and smoothness is of such a perfection that it would be impossible to re-create these without the use of power tools, though, maybe only if one wanted to put an incredible amount of time into this, perhaps as much as a life time. Another puzzling part of the mystery is that they are not only found in Central America, but also in other parts of the world including Malta, Easter Island and New Zealand.

Some stone balls
at Costa Rica

There are theories that these balls were once star maps, aligned to planets and stars if they were never had been moved. In one of his sessions about this subject, psychic intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell told that these balls were used as "holding or loadstones" to balance these vehicles that would need to be tethered, and sometimes they were used as counterweights. Though he did not mention the kind of vehicles, it may be possible that these were ships and/or air balloons. (See the Youtube video "Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Miscellany vol. 4 - World mysteries", by Rammsteinregeln.)

Dispite all this evidence that points to a very specific style of architecture and customs practiced in all these places far away from each other, most archeologists today still believe that there had been no pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact in the ancient past.

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