The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man

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Technological Advancements

Based on certain esoteric and occult books and the readings from Edgar Cayce; It took the Atlanteans some "200,000 years" to advance to a technologically high level of development. (Cayce 364-4) Early on, they already learned to use gas for transport balloons made from animal skins, discovered electricity, and at later times they developed flying "ships", advanced forms of communication, and a "power plant" which operated through the use of a "great crystal" that could capture and store the energy gathered from the sun, the moon and other cosmic energies.

Initially, the energy of the "great crystal" had been used as a spiritual tool for those who could handle the great energy. Later it was used for rejuvenation of the human body, and the transmission of energy throughout the land - like radio waves - which powered crafts and vehicles that traversed the land, through the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound. They where also able to levitate huge stones by altering and nullifying gravity, through a higher understanding of the workings of nature, sound and vibrations.

This crystal had been referred to as the "tuaoi stone" or "firestone", had been described as huge in size, six sided, cylindrical in length, prismatic in shape, and opalescent (almost transparent), and could be tuned to various levels to produce power. The crystal was housed in a dome where insulation materials, "akin to asbestos" where used. This probably means that the crystal could generate a large amount of heat and the scattered conserved light issuing forth from all the facets would mean that the crystal would be glowing with light, thus the name "firestone" would be appropriate.

Edgar Cayce described the construction of this stone in Reading 440-5: 

"As to describing the manner of construction of the stone, we find it was a large cylindrical glass (as would be termed today), cut with facets in such a manner that the capstone on top of same made for the centralizing of the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself."

In the book Ezekiel from the Bible, there is the mention of "fiery stones" which where located at the "mount of God". (See Ezekiel 28:14and 28:16.) A "fiery stone" is usually explained as an old word for "gemstone". Likely it was called this way because it would shine like fire when exposed by light.

The disaster that caused the second period of disturbances (starting around 28,000 BC), was due to the overtuning, or overcharging, of their largest crystal generator which was located near the so-called "Bermuda Triangle" in the area of the islands of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. As incredible amounts of energy were stored inside something like an underground battery and eventually got overloaded and caused a massive explosion, one can imagine that would lead to some major disturbances within the earth crust, and because of this; the sinking of much land mass.

This now damaged generator would periodically trigger a massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy which could dematerialize its direct surroundings, which can cause both ships and planes to go astray. The current scientific theory is that this place is dangerous because of certain gasses that are emerging from the bottom of the ocean which could nullify the natural carrying capacity of water and air, causing both ships and planes to crash into the bottom of the ocean. Such a threat would only be possible through the release of a great amount of gas at once. However, such a great release would be regarded as highly unnatural, so what exactly causes these releases of gas? Even leaks or drillings could not release such a great amount at once.

According to the readings of trance medium Daan Akkerman and others, Earth originally would have had two moons:

"Planet Earth originally had two moons and there was no ebb and flood. When there was a threat of a meteorite crash, one has tried by the use of a form of nuclear fusion to change the course of the meteorite. This failed, the meteorite impacted anyway and one of the moons was destroyed. The equilibrium was disturbed; ebb and flood were the result. The enormous continent changed into several larger island and later into smaller islands. This meteorite impact and the falsely use of technology, whereby the forces of nature turned themselves againts man, were the beginning of the demise of Atlantis. Different kinds of animals became extinct en masse, which is often incorrectly dated millions of years ago by scientists. However, we speak of only 25,000 years ago."

(Source: "Lanto - Atlantis".)

Trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell also described some of the technology and machinery which would have been developed in Atlantis:

"For the Atlanteans were a red race, red skin. [He probably meant Atlantis' original root race.] They lived in close harmony with nature. They believed the spirit was within all things and they imitated nature in all their undertakings. Their boats would look like fish - well, the shape of whales more exactly. Their machinery would look, or copy, which would be found in nature. If an animal could claw its way through dirt, they would make a machine that would look similar. Their airplanes would look like birds; the eagle and the hawk, you'll say.

And even now in this time of the world, designers of ships and airplanes are indeed copying what is already in nature: they emulate what they perceive; in the bird or the fish, in order for their machine that goes through the air or the water to function more correctly. As then as now they copied nature. They had great understanding how to live within the laws of nature. The druids, or the Atlanteans, were the remnants of Atlantis, knew geometry, knew astronomy, they understood electricity, and laser: the concentration of light.

It was a point of power or influence that extented in all directions. We would see that this is in line with the grids or pyramids upon the earth, and there was a purpose for this. Who were these ancient peoples? They were the same peoples who migrated from Lemuria to Atlantis and went in the north-eastely direction to Europe itself. See?"

(Source: Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: the purpose of Stonehenge in England, by Rammsteinregeln.)

The mention of a ship in the form of a whale is also a very interesting detail what could mean that the fish or whale (depending on translation) that swallowed Jonah in the Biblical story of Jonah, could have been in fact an Atlantean ship or submarine instead of a real whale. In any case, it is actually impossible to survive within the belly of a real whale, and certainly not as long as the mentioned "three days and three nights", as the stomach acids would be fatal to any human.

Artistic interpretation of Atlantis during her later ages.
(Click image to enlarge)

The book: "A Dweller on two Planets" (1894) (by the ascended master Phylos the Thibetan, channeled through Frederick S. Oliver) describes many aspects of the Atlanean civilization at a certain point in time, including geological situation, buildings, religion, education, technology and politics. There was a caste system in Atlantis, which lead to great competition among the people. For this reason, many people where highly educated, which allowed them to acclaim higher functions, better opportunities and civil rights. Lower educated people ended up in lower classes which and could have a hard time possibly while living in poverty. In Atlantis City, each class of the population lived in a different area of Atlantis.

Curiously, the book also describes various kinds of technology that had still not yet been invented during 1894; the year this book had been written. It includes: a portable communication device like todays wireless mobile phone which could also transmit pictures, a kind of gun that used electricity instead of bullets, flying machines that worked through the means of anti-gravity, and even some devices that are unknown to current modern society.

"A Dweller on two Planets" also described people with extraordinary paranormal abilities, including the power of petrification of people by merely a single gaze, like Medusa from Greek mythology could do. However, in the year 2005 it had been discovered that petrification is actually possible within a couple of days - instead of millions of years - in an artificial manner, and is used amongst others for the petrification of wood in the constuction industry. This discovery was possibly based upon the research of the discovery of the Italian anatomist Giovan Battista Rini (1795-1856), who had found a method to "petrify" deceased people by the means of a chemical process that is similar to the method by which one today can petrify wood. (Sources: and Now that it is proven that organic material can be petrified in a matter of days we should ask ourselves again the question about the age of the fossilized remains of the dinosaurs, because there are multiple indications that humans and dinosaurs once lived together. (See the chapter: "Huge Beasts".)

According to the book, this "advanced" technology and knowledge was already lost nine centuries prior to the final demise of the Atlantis, due to the destruction of Marzeus: the city of manufacturing arts, by the "Navaz" forces (explained as "earth-currents" at page 37) which they had "forgotten how to control" (page 211). This is particulary reminiscent of Edgar Cayce's readings about the overtuning of the Great Crystal.

From page 205 of "A Dweller on Two Planets":

"And when manhood suffers decadence, degradation, all nature with which he has to do also sensibly alters for the worse. Marzeus, the city of manufacturing arts, was no more; it had gone down before corruption. Art had not suffered so much as had science. But the science which drew upon the mysterious forces of Nature the “navaz” - this had so far disappeared that airships were forgotten, or at most were semi−mythical history.

So were many other instruments which Zailm had known - the naima, those wonderful, wireless, combined telephonic and photographic image transmitters. And the vocaligrapha, the caloriveyant instruments ["a device which would save fuel, energy to be converted into heat for cooking and other purposes" (page 37)] and the water−generators − all were lost in the night of time. But the men of the twentieth century shall find them all again."

When Plato described Atlantis in his dialogs, most of this advanced technology had already been lost for many centuries. During these times, the Atlanteans relied once again on more primitive transport, like wooden ships to sail the sea. In "Timaeus" he described that Atlantis was a dominant military power that waged wars with other parts of the world to conquer land for colonization. The proud Atlanteans still had a powerful army, but were greatly humiliated when they were defeated in their attempt to penetrate to the city that was later known as Athens, thanks to the courageous military actions by the female leader of the Hellenes (the old Greeks).

Signs of various kinds of lost technology, which possibly originated in Atlantis, and maybe even more back into the times of Lemuria, are evident in and around many ancient megalithic structures around the globe such as in Egypt, Baalbek, Machu Pichu, England and many others. Often these structures are built with a frame of huge stone blocks which sometimes are weighing multiple hundreds of tons, therefore it is unthinkable how they could have moved - and more importantly: lifted - these without the use of modern mechanized cranes.

It is apparent that at some point in time, people stopped to use these large and heavy stones for construction purposes, which could mean that they this technology or knowlegde at this point. This seems evident in the restoration work at certain megalithic sites in Meso-America were smaller stones were used to fill in the gaps between the stones which were formed by earthquakes. Also, at certain constructions like in Egypt and Baalbek, there are some very heavy stones which are just laying around, as if they were never had been put to into place. Could this be because they just weren't abe to move them anymore?

These ancients were also able to carve and deform the hardest types of stone with such accurate precision as if they where laser cut. This curious kind of stone masonry is found at those megalithic sites from Egypt, Puma Punku and Cuzco. These achievements could be considered as the smoking guns for the evidence of ancient lost technology and should be receiving more serious attention and research.

Building with great blocks of stone may be considered primitive by some but stone is actually one of the most durable materials for construction. The advantage of using very heavy stones is that they have far superiour resistance against earthquakes and violent storms. Materials like metals, plastics and wood (paper), which are abundantly in use in modern times, aren't actually very durable at all. If there would be remains to be found, made of these not-so-durable materials, after a time period of 10,000 years, it would have to be exceptionally well conserved and protected from natural influences like humidity, corrosion and erosion, because otherwise there would be (as good as) nothing left of it today.

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